The idea for Aurora Sage came to Stephanie like a flash during a late night nursing session, shortly after the birth of her second son. Feeling tired postpartum, and not quite herself yet, she was searching for a very specific outfit in silk, that she could feel glamorous and beautiful in. She could see this outfit in her head, but couldn’t find exactly what she was looking for.  What she was looking for was something she could lounge in by day, that was light and easy to move around in while being with her kids, but could transition effortlessly to night. A go to look, that could easily be thrown on and make you feel pulled together. 
Artistic by nature, and after not finding what she was looking for she decided to make her own. Stephanie has a nutrition background, and prefer's to eat, use and wear things from as close to the earth as possible, so using natural dyeing methods was a no brainer. She began studying and taking classes to learn how to dye the silk naturally. This has turned into a passion, and now a business. The name Aurora Sage came when some of the silk she was dyeing looked like the Aurora Borealis, and the Sage represents the plants used in her creations. Aurora Sage was also the name Stephanie and her husband had picked out for their second child, which turned out to be a boy, so it wasn't used. Little did she know she would use the name and give birth to something else, after all!
Stephanie hand dyes all silk with organic spices, medicinal herbs, natural dyes, and flowers straight from her home garden in Los Angeles. Mantras are played during production, and a lot of love and energy goes into every unique piece. By draping yourself in the most delicious silk charmeuse you are dressing like the Goddess you are. This silk feels soft as butter, you will never take it off! Dyeing the silk with the colors of mother nature, produces the most perfectly imperfect patterns. The beauty truly lies in the imperfections, just like the best things in life. Aurora Sage is clothing inspired by the Goddess Venus herself. Stephanie is very inspired by women who stand in their power and hold a priestess type energy. They are the wise women & mystics of the world. Also, the cosmos, ancient cultures, and most of all Mother Nature are her forever muses. The silk pieces are made to invoke these powerful qualities in every women!
“It is a privilege to look good, and to always look royal. Look good because you are good. Look royal because you are royal in your consciousness. Let your clothing project your pure self-identity.”-Yogi Bhajan